Essential Oils for Cancer Warriors and Caregivers

Clia Tierney is a beloved friend but she is also a Transformational Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor and wellness advocate. Clia and I recently went to on a yoga retreat together and little did I know that Clia was going to show up with her arsenal of essential oils. It was something I knew nothing about. But at every turn, for every minor problem I had, Clia had an essential oil to offer up. I was very intrigued. I purchased a diffuser and several oils when I got back from our trip. I have the diffuser in my office and I turn it on every morning. I diffuse lavender, peppermint or various citrus oils. It feels like the right way to start my day and helps me to feel awake and invigorated. I am hooked. Given all her expertise and wisdom, I asked Clia to share with all of you. There is so much benefit to be derived from essential oils for both patients and caregivers.

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