How To Get Enough Plant-Based Protein!

One of the biggest misunderstandings about a plant-based whole grain diet is that you cannot get enough protein. It’s simply not true. There are plenty of foods that are not meat, dairy or eggs that contain enough protein to not only keep you healthy, but also feeling good.  How do you get protein, if not from meats? Check out Medical Oncologist Dr. Jerry Fain’s list (below) and check out Rich Roll’s write-up “My Top 7 Sources of Plant-Based Protein” to see how easy it is to get the amount of protein you need without eating meat or animal-based products. Rich Roll is a vegan, endurance athlete, and living proof you can get what you need for your body through a plant-based, whole grain diet to not only survive but thrive.


•Broccoli 4.26 grams/stalk

•Yellow sweet corn 4.68 g/1 large ear

•Potato 5 g/1 medium potato with skin

•Edamame 18 g/cup

•Lentils 18 g/cup

•Green peas 8.5 g/cup

•Asparagus 2.9 g/cup

•Brussel sprouts 3 g/cup

•Artichoke 4 g/1 artichoke

•Avocado 2.67 g/1 medium avocado

•Cauliflower 2.05 g/ 1 cup chopped

•Navy beans or pinto beans 16 g/cup

•Kidney beans/black beans 15 g/cup

•Peanuts 7 g/1 oz (or 28.4 g) 1 oz=39 peanuts (also 170 calories, grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 15 grams fat including 2 grams of saturated fat.