“Sugar Feeds Cancer?”… Not quite!

Patients often ask about diet as it pertains to their cancer diagnosis. Many patients come in having heard that “sugar feeds cancer.”  This is a common myth/misperception and it is simply not true. Eating a lot of sugar can contribute to obesity. Obesity is a risk factor that is linked to several types of cancer (Breast, Colorectal, esophagus, pancreatic, endometrial, kidney, thyroid and gallbladder). In addition to being a risk factor for certain types of cancer, obesity has many other negative implications for your health. Yet, sugar is something we need to survive. Sugars come from Carbohydrates. Our body needs carbohydrates for our cells to function. Good carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These types of carbohydrates are high in vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates such as sweets, candy and sugar-based drinks also have sugar but have very little (or no) nutritional benefit. A high sugar diet is not a balanced or healthy diet. Healthy sugars should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.  

This article was recently sent to me by a colleague and addresses the misperceptions about the relationship between sugar and cancer.