Essential Oils for Cancer Warriors and Caregivers

Clia Tierney is a beloved friend but she is also a Transformational Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor and wellness advocate. Clia and I recently went to on a yoga retreat together and little did I know that Clia was going to show up with her arsenal of essential oils. It was something I knew nothing about. But at every turn, for every minor problem I had, Clia had an essential oil to offer up. I was very intrigued. I purchased a diffuser and several oils when I got back from our trip. I have the diffuser in my office and I turn it on every morning. I diffuse lavender, peppermint or various citrus oils. It feels like the right way to start my day and helps me to feel awake and invigorated. I am hooked. Given all her expertise and wisdom, I asked Clia to share with all of you. There is so much benefit to be derived from essential oils for both patients and caregivers.

Essential Oils for Cancer Warriors and Caregivers

Much has been written and shared about the benefits of essential oils for health.  I have used essential oils for several years as a simple, safe and effective natural solution for many of my own health challenges; I am passionate about sharing essential oils and educating friends, family, and anyone else who will listen about their amazing benefits.  

When Katharine asked me to write something for CFC I jumped at the opportunity. Not only do I love Katharine but my favorite person in the world, my sister-in-law, Hilary, is one of her best friends and has cancer.  I have shared essential oils with both of them and have thought quite a bit about oils and cancer. I feel that equally as important as the oils are for the health of a person with cancer are the oils that can be used to support caregivers.  So, let’s begin.

First, remember that essential oils are plant based medicine and have been used for natural healing for thousands of years. They can provide an excellent complementary treatment or stand alone.  Essential oils can provide not only physical benefits but can also support our emotional and spiritual well-being.  There are three main types of application for essential oils: topical, diffused (aromatically) and internal. How you apply essential oils depends on your own constitution, the benefits you are seeking, and the characteristics of the oil itself.

The following are some examples how some issues are commonly addressed: 

Anxiety and worry - use topically or diffuse lavender, bergamot or wild orange. doTERRAs Peace oil is my favorite for stress. I carry a Peace Touch in my purse and car!

Sleep - diffuse a combination of lavender, cedarwood and vetiver

Headaches - put one drop of peppermint and one drop of lavender on your temples

Night sweats - diffuse peppermint or put one drop on the back of your neck

Uplifting - diffuse grapefruit, orange or lemon (I often combine these)

Here is a great description of the application of essential oils.  I use them in all three ways, but I always have a diffuser going in my bedroom, my kids bedrooms and our living room. Right now, I am taking Frankincense internally for my osteoarthritis and I have rolled Peppermint on the back of my neck to cool and ameliorate hot flashes.

Here are some of the top essential oils that have qualities that address cancer. Their benefits are extensive and uses are varied so I have included links.

Frankincense - “hero” oil used for wellness, skin, sleep and mood

Myrrh - antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer cell

Lavender - another all-purpose oil used for relaxation, skin, healing wounds etc.

Peppermint - cooling, energizing, great for headaches and nausea

Citrus Oils

Thyme - supports healthy immune system

If you are caring for someone with cancer you may benefit from a different set of aromatherapy options.  Supporting someone through a cancer diagnosis can be tiring, anxiety provoking and unpredictable. My all-time favorite essential oil is a blend made by doTERRA called Peace.  It is calming, and grounding and I use it all the time to combat worry! It can be applied topically (I have a Peace roller in my purse and in my car and I use it in the bath as well).  

Other supportive oils that I love include Lavender, Rose, Bergamot and Vetiver.  I frequently take a bath in Epsom salts with some combination of these oils after a hard day.  These oils can also be diffused for relaxation and improved sleep. Right now, I am diffusing lavender, vetiver and cedarwood at night in my bedroom. My kids each have a spritzer with Lavender and distilled water that they spray on their pillows to calm and relax them at night.

There are hundreds of essential oils and thousands of applications. I have found them to be wonderfully healing and incorporate them every day into my self-care routines.  

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